Privacy Policy For Your Good

Please note that the below mentioned privacy policies are used by the Technexia website to cater the response of the visitors: Technexia is constantly striving to provide excellent services to the clients. Therefore, we aim to strive for the best of the practices to ensure the maximum of the output along with validating long term relationship with you. Thus, in order to ensure this, we shall occasionally need the information about you when you visit our website. The policy primarily covers the exact procedures that are followed by Technexia to collect the data from the users. The information about the user is primarily collected via contact forms and other electronic communication mediums established by our website. Technexia may also use third party tools to collect the data. Please keep in mind that, this policy is also applicable even if you elect to use the private browsing. It does not matter how we get your information; yet, Technexia feels it as its utmost priority to convey you how exactly your information is going to be used. Technexia website may have links to other companies’ websites. Please note that, our privacy policy does not extend to these websites. Despite, Technexia gives due diligence to handle your data. Links to other websites and data collection is entirely disowned by Technexia. Therefore, we highly encourage you to have the view of their privacy policies before providing your data. Technexia does not sell the addresses and the names of the customers to other sites or users that are not the vendors of Technexia. However, we may strive to safeguard the customer’s data from unauthorized accesses. Technexia shall use your data to inform you about the necessary updates about our products or services. Technexia has always valued your privacy, and we reinforce this belief throughout our organization. Your information will be protected as described unless the specific Web page says otherwise. If you have further questions about our privacy policy - please Contact Us.

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