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Technexia has been developed with the core essence of automating every single domain. With our extended support of IT infrastructural services and products your business will always be ready to score the brace. Construction is yet another significant industry that still unfortunately lacks the IT transition. With considering this, we at Technexia have formulated some excellent products and services that are highly compatible with the industrial need to maximize the performance. No matter it is your planning, business development or just the designing needs. Technexia shall feel proud to escalade your business in every single prospect we could.

Technexia's Products and Services

Developing and building magnificent architectures has been the long wish of architects. Putting up this as our foreword, Technexia has assembled some of the most reliable services to streamline your constructions. Art and engineering are the fundamentals of construction. But living up to this era, one cannot simply ignore the extended support by information technology to make it to the list of highly influential entities operating in the market. Your desire to automate and virtualize your operations is the fundamental duty of Technexia.

Technexia's Products

Human Resource System

Human resource management system is the most significant need of the current day practices. With its detailed reporting and extra vigilance over the employee activity it has come up with the need of having one for every single organization. With Technexia you can always have the leverage to use our advanced human resource management system to organize your resources activities.


  1. Unlimited Employee Registration
  2. Integration With Sub Modules
  3. Accurate Tracking of Employee Activity
  4. Scheduled Reports

SMS Alert System

SMS are the most integral part of the communication systems. One cannot simply ignore its significance when it comes to organized communication. With Technexia you can have the most efficient and advanced communication medium to transfer your queries or messages to the subjected receivers.


  1. Swift Response
  2. Mutiple Group Support
  3. Advanced Reporting
  4. Montlhly Log

Inventory Management System

Inventories are the most fundamental entities that are to be ensured in the better management of the sales and tracking capabilities. Technexia has developed an inventory management system that shall aid you to maximize your business and generate the maximum revenue while keeping your business organized.


  1. Advanced Reporting
  2. 24/7 Support
  3. Customized Experience
  4. Multiple Product Support

TECHNEXIA has brought up a marvellous range of industrial support services

Over the course of time, TECHNEXIA has been engaged in multiple ventures with sole purpose to derive authentic and smart technological needs that aims to fit your profitability and over coming your hinderances to attain optimum efficiency.

TECHNEXIA shall put up the efforts to simplify your IT infrastructural needs and maximize the productivity of your settlement

TECHNEXIA along with its advanced solutions shall incorporate the advanced needs of the current market conditions to aid you go farther.

Technexia's Services

Web Development

Technexia has produced exceptional web development services along with incorporating the use of latest technologies circulating around the domain to prepare the best match for your business needs.

Sub Services

  1. PSD Designing
  2. PSD To HTML Conversion
  3. Responsive Design
  4. Email Newsletter
  5. jQuery Templates
  6. Cross Platform Compatibility

Software Development

Technexia has engaged top notch professionals for the development of highly scalable and customizable software. In the due course, we have mastered in the domain and have made it a highly integral part of our service range.

Sub Services

  1. Custom Software Development
  2. Application Integration
  3. Software Testing
  4. Maintenance and Support

Business Consultancy

Businesses from around the world are the result of thorough and accurate planning. With Technexia’s panel of top notch business consultants you can always have an opportunity to unlock the remarkable aspects to improvise your business

Sub Services

  1. Market Plan
  2. Business Plan
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Supply Chain

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